Before the children come into the building, the children put their snacks on the top shelf of the trolley outside (weather permitting), their lunch box on the middle or bottom shelf. Drinks are placed on the drinks trolley and folders placed in the box provided.

    Children are let into the building as they arrive, saying goodbye to their parents, parents are not permitted into the building.

    Children arrive and hang their coat and belongings on their named peg, wash their hands, they can then enjoy free play from a variety of activities until it is time for our registration and letters and sounds activities.

    Children are given a five minute warning by means of a whistle to gain their attention and shown an orange circle, they are warned that they have five minutes play time left before going to register, then after five minutes the whistle is blown again and the children are shown a red circle and told that playtime is now finished and it is time for the register. 

    We then separate into two groups, butterflies who go into the back room with Debbie and Michelle and caterpillars who stay in the main room with Tash and Sharon.This is where we discuss the weather, the date, and a reminder of our ‘Golden Rules’ , learn our sign and word of the week, call the register, and take part in our letters and sounds activities.

    The children are currently learning Signalong sign language, we are learning a new sign each week. To increase the children's vocabulary we are also learning a word each week.

    Children are then able to participate in a range of free play and adult-led activities both inside and out. Snack is provided during the morning session.

    At the end of play time children are involved in tidying up the toys to allow room for us to regroup for story time. This is done in two groups again, to enable the staff to tailor the stories according to the age group/abilities.

    Children then either wash their hands and sit down to lunch or wait in the porch until a member of staff sees their parents and lets them out of the front door.

    Children coming in for the afternoon session, come in hang up their coats, wash their hands then join the children already seated to eat their lunch.

    Lunch is from 11.45am - 12.20pm pm the children are given a 5 minute warning at 12.15pm pm to signify that lunchtime is coming to an end. 

    In the afternoon the sessions follow the same routine of the morning.

    Afternoon circle time is a group session where we take part in dough disco, yoga, music and movement sessions, sqiggle to strengthen our 'writing' muscles or story time.

    At the end of the session, children go and put on their coats and collect their bags, lunch boxes and drinks, and wait until a member of staff has seen a parent or guardian and then are let out the front door.